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Article # 3103
Journal Rhinology 61 - 4
Article Title Validation of modular endoscopic medial maxillectomies for inverted papilloma of the maxillary sinus
Abstract Background: Treatment of inverted papilloma of the maxillary sinus (IPMS) has a lower success rate compared to other IPs. As such, its correct management generally needs trans-nasal endoscopic medial maxillectomy (EMMs) for adequate resection. The aim of this manuscript is to describe outcomes and major prognostic factors of a cohort of patients with IPMS who were treated with EMM.
Methodology: In this multicentric study, patients affected with IPMS and treated with EMMs were included. The site of origin of the IPMS were studied as well as the type of EMM performed. The histological features (IP vs dysplasia), type of mucosal resection (total vs. pedicle oriented), and post-operative complications were analyzed.
Results: 310 patients were included (212 primary and 98 recurrent cases). After a mean follow-up of 45.4 months, 15 patients experienced recurrence (4.8%) due to the application of EMMs tailored to the surgical insertion point. Dysplasia was significantly associated with a higher risk of recurrence. The rates of early and late complications were 11.6% and 11.9%, respectively.
Conclusions: IPMS resection via tailored EMM is associated with excellent disease control, thus excluding the systematic use of extended EMMs, which can however be justified in case of dysplastic IPMS given its significant impact on recurrence.
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