Article # 3004
Journal Rhinology 60 - 4
Article Title p120 regulates E-cadherin expression in nasal epithelial cells in chronic rhinosinusitis
Abstract Background: The epithelial barrier plays an important role in the regulation of immune homeostasis. The effect of the immune environment on E-cadherin has been demonstrated in previous studies. This discovery prompted new research on the targeting mechanism of E-cadherin in chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS).
Methods: E-cadherin and p120 expression was determined by quantitative RT–PCR, and western blot. The interaction between E-cadherin and p120 was assessed by immunofluorescence staining and coimmunoprecipitation assays. Human nasal epithelial cells (HNECs) were cultured with submerged methods and transfected with p120-specific small interfering RNA. In other experiments, HNECs differentiated with the air-liquid interface (ALI) method were stimulated with various cytokines and Toll-like receptor (TLR) agonists. The barrier properties of differentiated HNECs were determined by assessing fluorescent dextran permeability.
Results: E-cadherin and p120 expression was decreased in HNECs from patients with CRS, and the p120 protein expression level was positively correlated with that of E-cadherin. Two isoforms of p120 (p120-1 and p120-3) were expressed in HNECs, with p120-3 being the main isoform. Knocking down p120 in HNECs cultured under submerged conditions significantly reduced the E-cadherin protein expression. The Rac1 inhibitor NSC23766 reversed the protein expression of E-cadherin in p120 knockdown experiments. Inflammatory mediators, including IL-4, TNF-α, TGF-β1, LPS and IFN-γ, reduced E-cadherin and p120 protein expression and increased paracellular permeability. Dexamethasone abolished the downregulation of E-cadherin and p120 caused by inflammatory mediators.
Conclusions: p120 is involved in regulating E-cadherin protein expression in CRS. Dexamethasone may alleviate the reduction in E-cadherin and p120 protein expression caused by inflammatory mediators.
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