Article # 2958
Journal Rhinology 60 - 2
Article Title Omega-3 supplementation in postviral olfactory dysfunction: a pilot study
Abstract Background: This study aimed to examine whether omega-3 supplementation would support olfactory recovery among postviral olfactory dysfunction patients.
Methodology: Patients with postviral olfactory dysfunction were included in this non-blinded, prospective pilot study. Structured medical history was taken from the patients, including the following: age, sex, history of COVID-19 infection, and duration of symptoms. Patients were randomly assigned to receive olfactory training only (control group) versus olfactory training with omega-3 supplementation (treatment group). All patients exposed themselves twice a day to four odours (phenyl ethyl alcohol [rose], eucalyptol [eucalyptus], citronellal [lemon], and eugenol [cloves]). Olfactory function was measured before and after training using “Sniffin’ Sticks”, comprised of tests for odour threshold, discrimination, and identification. The average interval between olfactory tests was 3 months.
Results: Fifty-eight patients were included in the study, 25 men and 33 women. Generally, an improvement in olfactory scores was observed. Compared to the control group, the improvement in odour thresholds was more pronounced in the omega-3 group. Age, sex, and duration of symptoms had no effect on olfactory scores among both control and treatment groups.
Conclusion: Overall, the present results indicate that omega-3 supplementation may be an option for adjunct therapy with olfactory training in patients with postviral olfactory dysfunction.
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