Article # 2826
Journal Rhinology 59 - 4
Article Title Development of a Self-reported Olfactory Dysfunction Questionnaire (SODQ) to screen olfactory disorders in China
Abstract Background: The diagnosis of olfactory dysfunction is challenging given the negligence during routine physical examination, inconvenience of diagnosis in clinical practice, and the inattention to cross-cultural adaptability. The study aimed to develop and validate a simple and effective self-reported olfactory dysfunction questionnaire (SODQ) for the initial screening of clinical olfactory disorders in China.
Methods: A total of 121 subjects participated in the study; of these, 96 subjects completed the T&T olfactometer test and 12-item questionnaire, and 25 participants were retested using the SODQ after one week. The T&T olfactometer test examined the olfactory function and the questionnaire measured the ability to perceive common odors in daily life. We evaluated the factor structure, reliability, validity, and discriminative ability of the SODQ.
Results: The final version of the SODQ consisted of 10 items with one factor. Test–retest and internal consistency were excellent. Convergent validity of the questionnaire with the T&T olfactory test was high. Furthermore, the discrimination ability was high for the questionnaire with an area under the curve of 0.95 and a cut-off point of 22.
Conclusions: The SODQ is a brief, valid, and repeatable tool that has the potential to effectively screen for clinical olfactory disorders from a subjective perspective.
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