Article # 2461
Journal Rhinology -
Article Title “U-Sniff” - the international odor identification test for children: an extension of its normative database and study of global reliability
Abstract BACKGROUND: To extend the previous study by Schriever and colleagues from 2018 providing normative data and re-investigating the reliability for U-Sniff test in children in additional countries.
METHODOLOGY: A total of 388 children (196 boys, 192 girls) from eight countries (China, Germany, Iran, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Paraguay, and Russia) participated in this study. The children were recruited from public local schools in those particular countries. The odor identification ability was evaluated using the U-Sniff test, a 12-item odor identification test developed for children. In addition, reliability was examined using test-retest design in the children for each country.
RESULTS: The mean U-Sniff test score across all children was 10.3 ± 1.7 points. Normative data were established. A high test-retest reliability of the U-Sniff test was demonstrated across the eight participating countries.
CONCLUSIONS: The U-Sniff test for children exhibits a high test-retest reliability on a global scale.
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