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Abstract It is the purpose of this study to investigate the healingprocess in chronic sinusitis by
means of a fiberoptic telescope. The patients were divided into 3 groups, in which
various combinations of operative techniques were used.
Group I: 53 patients with moderate chronic sinusitis. In this group endonasal ethmoidectomy
and endonasal exposure of the sphenoidal sinus were performed. Group
2: 73 patients with moderate or severe sinusitis. In this group a Caldwell-Luc operation
was added to the operations which were used in group I. Group 3: 8 patients, in
which only endonasal ethmoidectomy was performed.
In most cases, the maxillary sinus was cured, but in some of the cases the drainage
opening was closed at an early stage. The epithelisation of the ethmoidal sinus is
mostly completed in about one month after the surgical operation. Adhesions
between middle turbinate and lateral wall were seen quite regularly. Hypertrofic
scars were observed in the posterior ethmoid, the ethmoidal roof and the lamina
We classified the healing process into 4 types. All postoperative infections were
treated by antibiotics. Adhesions and scar tissue formations were treated endoscopically.
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