Article # 2347
Journal Rhinology -
Article Title Experimental surgery of the nose, anteroposterior changes of the mucosa on altering the air-flow
Abstract In 20 rabbits one nostril was surgically closed and the mucous membrane
studied 4-90 days after the operation. The density of goblet cells was determined
anteriorly and posteriorly on whole mounts, epithelial changes on
serial sections from 4 different localities on the septum. Anteriorly on the
open side damage to the cilia initiated epithelial processes of repair, viz.
hyperplasia of basal cells, transformation of these cells into columnar cells,
and differentation into mucous and ciliated cells. On the 16th day the epithelium
was again columnar and ciliated. As a consequence of continued
trauma new cycles were initiated, but not even after 90 days was there any
squamous epithelium. In the middle and posteriorly on the septum no
changes were demonstrated, indicating a marked, but gradual decrease in
the anteroposterior direction of the influence by the air-flow upon the mucosa.
On the closed side there was increased secretory activity and normaazation
of the epithelium which was changed most anteriorly in normal
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