Article # 2285
Journal Rhinology -
Article Title Value of the Tc""' particle test and the saccharin test in mucociliary examinations
Abstract In a first phase, the two methods were evaluated separately, the saccharin test was
done in 40 healthy test subjects, 30 atopic patients and 30 patients presenting nasal
ventilation problems; subsequently the Tc99m particle test was carried out in 39 test
subjects under standard conditions (relative humidity and temperature). In 120
patients the tests were done in one nasal canal, whereas they were carried out in both
nasal canals simultaneously in 19 patients.
In a second phase the two methods were applied simultaneously in the same nasal
canal in 44 subjects, of whom 15 did not experience any nasal problems and 29 had
undergone a nasal packing.
The investigators were able to establish significant differences in the results
obtained by the two methods.
The present study shows that mucociliary activity is considerably influenced byventilation
and that under pathological conditions both tests should be used as complementary
investigational methods.
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