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Journal Rhinology 0 - 0
Article Title Puncture in the canine fossa: technique and pros and cons
Abstract The authors describe in detail the technique they are employing for puncturing the
canine fossa, for irrigation, sinuscopy and/or register of the antral pressures. Two
trocars are introduced, one developed and the other modified by one of the authors
(N.P.). A morbid entity named "glue-sinus" is commented. The pros and cons of the
technique are discussed concluding that puncture in the caninefossa is a valid procedure
and even more advantageous than the one in the nasal inferior meatus.
In 1975, one of us (N.P.) received as a gift, from Maurice Cottle (Chicago) a modified
Wolf's needle. In the box, together with drawings and instructions in his own
handwriting, there was a suggestion to try it in the puncture of the canine fossa.
The suggestion was accepted and the goal of this paper is to present how we perform
this procedure and its advantages and disadvantages compared to thepopular
puncture in the nasal inferior meatus, according to the experience we have
been accumulating since 1975.
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