Article # 1894
Journal Rhinology 57 - 4
Article Title Specific immunoglobulin E in nasal secretions for the diagnosis of local allergic rhinitis
Abstract BACKGROUND: The diagnostic value of serum specific Immunoglobulin E (sIgE) and nasal allergen provocation test (NAPT) has been well investigated in local allergic rhinitis (LAR). We hypothesized that nasal local sIgE could be used for the diagnosis of LAR instead of NAPT.
METHODS: This was a prospective single center study. Overall, 212 chronic rhinitis patients were screened, of whom 73 were recruited based on negative findings for serum IgE and positive findings for local eosinophils. Ten healthy subjects were also recruited as controls. All participants completed questionnaires at recruitment to record their demographic data, nasal symptom severity, and physician-diagnosed comorbid asthma. Symptom severity was recorded using a visual analogue scale (VAS) of 10 cm and allergic status was assessed by serum sIgE. Nasal secretions were collected for analysis of local sIgE and eosinophils, and NAPT was performed for confirmation of LAR.
RESULTS: Overall, 14 patients demonstrated positive local sIgE results. Twelve of these patients had significantly higher local sIgE levels compared to controls, and also demonstrated positive NAPT results. The VAS scores, nasal airway resistance measured by active rhinomanometry, and the levels of local sIgE, ECP, histamine and leukotriene C4 were significantly increased from baseline values following NAPT. Sensitivity, specificity, and diagnostic accuracy of local sIgE for diagnosis of LAR were 91.7% respectively.
CONCLUSIONS: The measurement of local sIgE levels in nasal secretion is a reliable and effective diagnostic method for LAR.
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