Article # 1893
Journal Rhinology 57 - 4
Article Title Comparison of outcomes of triamcinolone versus normal saline soaked polyvinyl alcohol pack following bilateral endoscopic sinus surgery
Abstract BACKGROUND: Steroids have been proven to be beneficial in improving post-operative outcomes following sinus surgery. The ideal mode of delivery is to increase local concentration in the sinuses with minimal systemic side effects. In this study, we used triamcinolone soaked polyvinyl alcohol packs immediately following sinus surgery, and assessed the effects on post-operative outcomes.
METHODOLOGY: This was a prospective, interventional, and comparative study. Following endoscopic sinus surgery, a polyvinyl alcohol pack was placed in both nasal cavities and 4 ml triamcinolone was infiltrated in one side and 4 ml of normal saline was infiltrated in the other. The pack was removed on the second post-operative day and nasal cavities and paranasal sinuses were evaluated using a flexible endoscope in the third post-operative week using Lund-Kennedy and Peri-operative sinus endoscopic scores.
RESULTS: There was a reduction in the average Lund-Kennedy score and Peri-operative sinus endoscopy score in the treatment site compared to the control site which was statistically significant. There was a greater reduction in crusting, oedema and scarring in the treatment site compared to the control site. However, only the reduction in oedema was statistically significant.
CONCLUSIONS: Triamcinolone soaked polyvinyl alcohol pack following endoscopic sinus surgery improves post-operative outcomes.
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