Article # 1705
Journal Rhinology 55 - 4
Article Title A straight choice: avoiding septal re-deviation using titanium plates. A 16 year retrospective patient follow-up evaluation
Abstract BACKGROUND: To propose a new surgical technique for fixing the nasal septum to the midline, for long term prevention of nasal obstruction, in secondary and select cases of primary septoplasty.
METHODOLOGY: Retrospective study, within hospital medical center.
Patients: Two hundred and twenty two patients who underwent septoplasty. Data collection occurred consecutively between March 1st of 2000 and May 1st 2016. Twenty six percent females and seventy four percent males.
MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Patterns of septal deformity, materials used for titanium plates, surgical results, symptom improvement, and surgical complications were investigated.
RESULTS: A total of 222 patients were included in this study. 163 patients (73%) had no previous nasal surgery. Fifty nine patients (27%) presented with a previous nasal surgery. Sixteen year follow up included more than 90% of patients and resulted in an overall 2.7% revision rate.
CONCLUSIONS: The use of titanium plate for septoplasty has shown to be simple, safe, and easy to learn technique in both secondary and select cases of primary septoplasty. Most importantly the results indicate a long term prevention of the
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