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Therapeutic options of post-COVID-19 related olfactory dysfunction: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Volume: 61 - Issue: 1

First page: 2 - Last page: 11

V. Asvapoositkul - J. Samuthpongtorn - S. Aeumjaturapat - K. Snidvongs - S. Chusakul - K. Seresirikachorn - J. Kanjanaumporn

Background: Olfactory dysfunction is a typical post-COVID-19 presentation, affecting patients' quality of life. There are currently multiple treatment options in this group of patients such as oral and intranasal corticosteroids, olfactory training, oral vitamin-mineral supplementation, amongst others. This meta-analysis aims to consolidate existing evidence for current therapies in patients with persistent olfactory dysfunction related to COVID-19 infection and evaluate the possible role of corticosteroid add-on therapy in olfactory training.
Methodology: A systematic review and meta-analysis to study current treatments/interventions for olfactory dysfunction in post-COVID-19 infection were conducted. Data were pooled for the meta-analysis. The outcomes include subjective or objective olfactory assessment major and minor adverse reactions.
Results: Eleven studies (1414 participants) were included in this review, with six studies (916 participants) then assessed for the meta-analysis. Combined treatment of intranasal corticosteroid (INCS) with olfactory training (OT) has no benefit over OT monotherapy from both a VAS score improvement and identification component of Sniffin' Sticks test standpoint. In addition, there were no differences in improvement of TDI score between combined oral corticosteroid (OCS) with OT therapy compared to OT alone. Olfactory function was, however, significantly improved after OT.
Conclusion: There were no significant differences in the improvement of olfactory scores in combination INCS+OT or OCS+OT therapies compared to OT monotherapy. However, there is improvement in olfactory function after OT.

Rhinology 61-1: 2-11, 2023

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