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Role of spreader flaps in primary rhinoplasty, functional and aesthetic outcomes: a systematic review

Volume: 60 - Issue: 2

First page: 92 - Last page: 101

K. Garefis - I. Konstantinidis - N. Tsetsos - M. Garefi - V. Nikolaidis - K. Markou

Background: The standard treatment for reconstructing the middle vault of the nose is to use spreader grafts. Recently, an alternative technique using spreader flaps has become widely accepted.
Methodology: A literature search was performed in ╬ťEDLINE, Science Direct, the Cochrane Library and multiple trial registries. The systematic review included studies evaluating the effectiveness of spreader flaps, with or without comparison to the spreader graft technique, in patients who had undergone primary rhinoplasty.
Results: Thirteen studies with a total of 500 patients met the inclusion criteria and were reviewed systematically. All studies measured breathing function improvement. Additionally, aesthetic improvement/satisfaction was evaluated in seven studies. The use of spreader flaps seems to improve breathing function, as seen in twelve out of thirteen studies. Furthermore, the studies assessing the aesthetic aspect of a primary rhinoplasty showed that spreader flaps can provide satisfactory results. The comparison between spreader flaps and spreader grafts showed similar results in most studies dealing with this topic in both the breathing function improvement and aesthetic improvement/satisfaction domains.
Conclusions: This study is the first systematic review assessing the functional and aesthetic outcomes of spreader flaps in primary rhinoplasty, and it shows encouraging results comparable to those of spreader grafts.

Rhinology 60-2: 92-101, 2022

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