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Efficacy and safety of retrobulbar amphotericin B injection in invasive fungal rhinosinusitis with orbital invasion patients*

Volume: 59 - Issue: 4

First page: 387 - Last page: 392

P. Arreenich - P. Saonanon - S. Aeumjaturapat - K. Snidvongs - S. Chusakul - J. Kanjanaumporn

Background: At present, there is no consensus for optimal orbital infection management in invasive fungal rhinosinusitis patients. This is the first retrospective cohort study aimed to determine efficacy and side effects of the retrobulbar amphotericin B injection for orbital management in invasive fungal rhinosinusitis patients.
Methodology: A retrospective chart review was conducted from 2005 to 2020. Thirty-six patients (forty-two orbits) diagnosed with invasive fungal rhinosinusitis with orbital invasion, treated with or without retrobulbar amphotericin B injection, were included in the study.
Results: There were a total of 36 patients in the study, 12 patients received retrobulbar amphotericin B injection and 24 did not. There was no significant difference in orbital exenteration and death between two groups. Visual acuity change at the 3rd month was significantly better in the exposure group. There was a significant difference in the overall clinical outcome at 3rd month and 12th month. There was no report of severe side effects in all patients.
Conclusions: Retrobulbar amphotericin B injection showed significant efficacy in stabilizing or even improving visual acuity without any side effects. This procedure should be considered as adjunctive treatment.

Rhinology 59-4: 387-392, 2021

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