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Change in olfactory function after septoplasty. A systematic review and meta-analysis

Volume: 59 - Issue: 2

First page: 144 - Last page: 150

A. Grabosky - P. Mackers - C. Langdon - I. Alobid

BACKGROUND: Septoplasty is one of the most frequently performed surgeries. However, there remains a question as to the effect of such intervention on the sense of smell. This study aims to examine the available evidence regarding the effect of septoplasty on the sense of smell.
METHODS: A database search was performed using PubMed, ScienceDirect, Google Scholar and The Cochrane Library databases from January 1990 to February 2020. Search terms included smell, olfaction, odor, septum, septoplasty, and septorhinoplasty. A meta-analysis was performed with 12 studies that provided sufficient data on change in olfaction.
RESULTS: 14 studies met the inclusion criteria, and 2 additional studies were included manually; comprising a total of 996 patients and 25 controls. Significant improvement in olfactory test scores was observed in all tests. Pre- and postoperative differences in means were 0.63 for BSIT, 0.80 for CCCRC test, 1.16 for odor threshold, 1.43 for odor discrimination, and 1.18 for odor identification.
CONCLUSIONS: Septoplasty seems to improve olfactory function. However, the outcome of this intervention is discrete and not equal for all patients, so further randomized trials are needed to confirm current findings.

Rhinology 59-2: 144-150, 2021

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