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Rhinology on the move despite Covid-19!

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P.W. Hellings

The October 2020 issue of Rhinology is a very interesting edition as it illustrates how world-wide colleagues pave the way for a better future of patients affected by nose and sinus diseases.
After the successful launch of EPOS2020 in Spring 2020, the editorial team of Rhinology is proud to present to you the latest and most exciting data in Rhinology research. Getting insight into the complexity and relevance of proteomics in CRS, epithelial-mesenchymal contribution to CRS, zinc levels in nasal and systemic compartment of CRS, nasal biomarkers of CRSwNP that predict recurrence of disease after sinus surgery, and the odor identification test for children, called ‘U-Sniff’, and FID scores (Frequency, Intensity and Duration) scores for epistaxis are all in the 2020 October issue and highly relevant for Rhinology practice. These studies build further on the solid grounds of previous Rhinology research meeting the unmets needs in the field.

P.W. Hellings - Rhinology on the move despite Covid-19!
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