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EPOS2020 and beyond

Volume: 58 - Issue: 2

Firstpage: 81 - Lastpage: 81

P.W. Hellings

The April issue of Rhinology includes the Executive Summary of EPOS2020, highlighting the most important up-dates on disease definitions, treatment algorithms and integrated care pathway approaches of CRS. EPOS2020 (1) is the result of major efforts by a team of passionate rhinologists and associate health care providers coming from all corners of the world coordinated by Professors Wytske Fokkens and Valerie Lund. The Executive Summary presented here illustrates the most important graphs for use in daily practice and teaching purposes.
In addition, the April issue of Rhinology also brings relevant CRS-related aspects to the attention of the readers of Rhinology.

P.W. Hellings - EPOS2020 and beyond
Rhinology 58-2: 81-81, 2020