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Endoscopic transnasal orbital decompression for Graves

Volume: 58 - Issue: 1

First page: 2 - Last page: 9

N. Tsetsos - D. Daskalakis - D. Tzakri - S. Blioskas - J. Goudakos - K. Markou

BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to assess all available data regarding the efficacy of endoscopic transnasal orbital decompression for Graves' ophthalmopathy.
METHODOLOGY: MEDLINE, ScienceDirect and the Cochrane Library databases as well as other sources were searched by two independent reviewers followed by extensive hand-searching for the identification of relevant studies. The primary outcome was the reduction in orbital proptosis. Secondary outcomes were the improvement in visual acuity, post-operative diplopia, and complications
RESULTS: Twelve prospective and retrospective case series met the inclusion criteria. All of them demonstrated an improvement in postoperative proptosis that ranged from 2.07 mm to 8.2 mm (weighted mean improvement 5.05 mm). Improvement in visual acuity was reported in all but one study. Studies presented a wide range of results regarding pre-existing and new-onset diplopia. Apart from diplopia, a wide variety of minor and major complications were noted in ten studies, the most serious of which being 3 cases of Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak presented in 2 studies.
CONCLUSIONS: The present systematic review shows that endoscopic transnasal decompression safely addresses symptoms of Graves’ ophthalmopathy. However, high-quality, large-sample, controlled studies need to be performed in the future.

N. Tsetsos - D. Daskalakis - D. Tzakri - S. Blioskas - J. Goudakos - K. Markou - Endoscopic transnasal orbital decompression for Graves

Rhinology 58-1: 2-9, 2020

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