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Frequent irrigation in maxillary sinusitis therapy

Volume: 27 - Issue: 4

Firstpage: 237 - Lastpage: 240

J. Antila - A. E. Kortekangas

190 cases of maxillary sinusitis with retention of secretions were treated by frequent
irrigation through an irrigation tube inserted via inferior turbinate sinus. The
technique of the tube insertion through a Lichtwitz needle is described.
Repeated irrigations do not need any anaesthesia and are better approved by the
patients than the usual puncture irrigation. The response seems to be at least equally
good as has been observed in similar patient series by repeated puncture irrigations.
The patients' requests of reinsertion of irrigation tube in cases of recurrencies gives
addition support to the recommendation to accept such a therapy.

J. Antila - A. E. Kortekangas - Frequent irrigation in maxillary sinusitis therapy
Rhinology 27-4: 237-240, 1989