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Better sleep with dilated nose

Volume: 27 - Issue: 3

Firstpage: 211 - Lastpage: 213

B. Petruson

In the last issue of "Rhinology" (1989; 27: 136) Dr. Jan Wind raised some
questions about the value of the nasal dilator Nozovent® which I presented in
"Rhinology" 1988; 26: 289-292. Since then more than a hundred subjects, many
of them colleagues, have had the opportunity to use Nozovent®.
At the out-patient department of our clinic I have tested the dilator on 50 patients
who had difficulties in breathing through the nose during the night; some of them
were snorers and some had a dry throat when they woke up in the morning. After
having put together the information got from these patients I want to share my
knowledge with the readers of "Rhinology" as an answer to the above mentioned
Letter to the Editor.

B. Petruson - Better sleep with dilated nose
Rhinology 27-3: 211-213, 1989