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Sublabial rhinotomy in the management of sinonasal inverted papilloma

Volume: 27 - Issue: 3

Firstpage: 187 - Lastpage: 190

L. Siivonen

Inverted papilloma in the nose and paranasal sinuses is a histologically benign
tumour but it has a high probability of recurrence, even after adequate surgical
treatment. An association between inverted papilloma and carcinoma is also well
established (Hyams, 1971; Vrabec, 1975).
Treatment of inverted papillomas is always surgical and many authors
recommend lateral rhinotomy and medial maxillectomy as the method of choice
(Seagal et al., 1986; Smith and Cullane, 1987). This method provides good
exposure to the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses but it may leave a fairly prominent
scar in the midfacial area. Conly and Priece (1979) and Allen and Siegel
(1981) described a sublabial approach to the nasal and paranasal cavities. Since
1983 in Turku we have used this method as routine treatment for papillomas and
Other benign and also malignant tumours of the sinonasal region. We use the
term "sublabial rhinotomy", because this procedure provides good exposure to
the nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, nasopharynx and also to be osseous pyramid
and septum.

L. Siivonen - Sublabial rhinotomy in the management of sinonasal inverted papilloma
Rhinology 27-3: 187-190, 1989