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Juvenile angiofibroma - Imaging techniques in diagnosis

Volume: 27 - Issue: 3

Firstpage: 179 - Lastpage: 185

V. J. Lund - G. A. S Lloyd - D. J. Howard

In 1847 Chelius described a fibrous mass arising in the postnasal region at around
Puberty and 30 years later Gosselin remarked on its propensity for young males
and its potential for regression. Whilst Chaveau (1906) introduced the term
"juvenile nasopharyngeal fibroma" the vascular nature of the lesion was recognised
by Friedberg (1940) in the name "angiofibroma".
Because of the natural reluctance of ENT surgeons to biopsy such a potentially
vascular mass presenting in the nasopharynx of a young male patient, it may
devolve on the radiologist to make the initial diagnosis and thereafter to define
the extent of the mass which may influence the surgical approach. These
objectives may be achieved by conventional radiology, CT scanning and more
recently MR.

V. J. Lund - G. A. S Lloyd - D. J. Howard - Juvenile angiofibroma - Imaging techniques in diagnosis
Rhinology 27-3: 179-185, 1989