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EPOS2020 and beyond

Volume: 57 - Issue: 3

Firstpage: 161 - Lastpage: 161

P.W. Hellings

The EPOS2020 Steering group is proud to introduce the EPOS2020 logo, the key goals, the core stakeholders, the planned methodology and the dissemination strategies for EPOS2020. This article is an introduction to the EPOS2020 project and presents the ambitions goals of the latest European Position Paper on Rhinosinusitis including new and expanded areas of research, novel insights into the pathophysiology and molecular diagnosis leading to better endotyping of patients, precision medicine in chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS), integrated care pathways and mobile health technology in CRS. New concepts for dissemination of the guideline using Internet and social media are being presented, and will improve impact of EPOS2020 in daily practice.

P.W. Hellings - EPOS2020 and beyond
Rhinology 57-3: 161-161, 2019