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Control of allergic rhinitis with MP-AzeFlu: a noninterventional study of a Swedish cohort

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P. Stjarne - V. Strand - K. Theman - A. Ehnhage

BACKGROUND: The European Union has prioritised allergic rhinitis (AR) control. A visual analogue scale (VAS) has been endorsed as the AR control language and embedded into the most recent MACVIA-ARIA guideline. This study assessed the effectiveness and safety of MP-AzeFlu using a VAS in a real-life study in Sweden.
METHODS: 431 patients aged 12 years or over with ARIA-defined moderate to severe AR were included in this multicentre, prospective, non-interventional study and prescribed MP-AzeFlu. Patients assessed symptom severity using a VAS from 0 (not at all bothersome) to 100 mm (very bothersome) on Days 0, 1, 3 and 7, and after approximately 14 days in the morning before using MP-AzeFlu. Patients’ perceived level of disease control was assessed on Day 3. The proportion of patients who achieved a defined VAS score cutoff for well- and partly controlled AR was also calculated.
RESULTS: MP-AzeFlu reduced mean (SD) VAS score from 67.9 (16.1) mm at baseline to 32.1 (22.8) mm on the last day. Results were consistent irrespective of severity, phenotype, patient age class or previous treatment. By Day 3, 84.0% of patients reported well- or partly controlled symptoms. Overall, 17.7%, 32.2%, 53.8% and 64.2% of patients achieved a 38 mm or greater “well-controlled” VAS score cutoff on Day 1, 3 and 7 and last day, respectively.
CONCLUSIONS: MP-AzeFlu provided rapid, effective and sustained symptom control in patients with AR from Sweden in a realworld setting, aligning with EU and MACVIA-ARIA initiatives and supporting the effectiveness of MP-AzeFlu for AR treatment in real life.

P. Stjarne - V. Strand - K. Theman - A. Ehnhage - Control of allergic rhinitis with MP-AzeFlu: a noninterventional study of a Swedish cohort
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