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Stratification of SNOT-22 scores into mild, moderate or severe and relationship with other subjective instruments

Volume: 54 - Issue: 2

First page: 129 - Last page: 133

S. Toma - C. Hopkins

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: The European Position Paper on Rhinosinusitis and Nasal Polyps provides treatment algorithms based on the mild/moderate/severe (MMS) classification. To date there has been no statistically validated stratification of the SNOT-22 score according to this classification.

METHODS: 65 consecutive patients diagnosed with CRS completed a SNOT-22, VAS and rated their symptoms according to MMS and impact on quality of life.

RESULTS: The median SNOT 22 scores varied between the 3 MMS categories. The interquartile ranges for the respective MMS groups were: Mild 8-17, Moderate 22.5-48, Severe 54-83. Median values for the respective MMs groups were: Mild 12, Moderate 36 and Severe 66. 15.38 % of patients in the Mild category, 95.24% in the Moderate category and 100% in the Severe category feel their QoL is affected. There was a strongly positive correlation between the SNOT-22 and VAS scores.

CONCLUSION: We propose a statistically validated definition for stratification of the SNOT-22, with Mild being defined on the SNOT-22 score as 8-20 inclusive, Moderate as between 20-50 and Severe as over 50.

Rhinology 54-2: 129-133, 2016

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