Article # 1899
Journal Rhinology -
Article Title Value of turbinoplasty in rhinosurgery - a controlled randomized study
Abstract BACKGROUND: Turbinoplasty is a common procedure in patients with nasal obstruction and hypertrophy of the nasal turbinates. A general recommendation regarding the necessity of turbinoplasty in functional rhinosurgery is still missing. For the first time, the value of turbinoplasty in septo- and septorhinoplasty regarding patient satisfaction as well as objective data in rhinomanometry and acoustic rhinometry was analyzed in a prospective randomized controlled trial.
METHODOLOGY: 73 patients with nasal obstruction due to septal deviation and / or a deviated nose were included in the study. After randomization, anterior turbinoplasty was or was not performed during septo- or septorhinoplasty. Pre- and postoperative rhinomanometry and acoustic rhinometry were accomplished. NOSEĀ© and SNOT 20 questionnaires were completed by the patients before and 9 months after surgery. Additionally, the patients were asked about their subjective satisfaction.
RESULTS: 81% of the patients were subjectively satisfied with the postoperative improvement of nasal breathing. There was a significant improvement in the values of NOSEĀ© and SNOT 20 questionnaires with no relevant difference between the two study groups. Acoustic rhinometry and rhinomanometry showed values in MCA1 and 2, Vol 1 and Vol 2 as well as higher nasal flows with no statistically significant difference between the two study groups.
CONCLUSIONS: Patient satisfaction after functional septo- and septorhinoplasty is high and does not seem to be affected by turbinate surgery. There was no statistically significant difference in the postoperative results regarding objective rhinological measurements with or without turbinoplasty. As extensive resections of the turbinates can have a negative impact on nasal physiology, the indication for turbinoplasty must be considered carefully.
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