Article # 1819
Journal Rhinology 56 - 4
Article Title Histopathological features of antrochoanal polyps in Chinese patients
Abstract BACKGROUND: The pathogenesis and etiology of antrochoanal polyps (ACP) are unclear. The aim of this study is to characterize the features of inflammatory cellular infiltration, the epithelial remodeling patterns and their associations to clinical parameters in ACP.
METHODS: A detailed histological study employing classic immunohistochemistry was performed. 33 ACPs, 49 classic bilateral nasal polyps (BNP) and 50 controls were obtained. The histological patterns and inflammatory cells infiltration were evaluated and analyzed for associations with clinical characteristics.
RESULTS: Less severe epithelial hyperplasia and goblet cell hyperplasia were found in ACP compared to BNP. In ACP, 87.9% of cases demonstrated neutrophilia. Elevated proportions of macrophages and CD8+ T cells, and elevated infiltration of mast cells was observed. Eosinophil infiltration was found to be positively corelated with a history of asthma; macrophages proportion was analyzed to have a significantly negative correlation with epithelial hyperplasia and goblet cell hyperplasia; the infiltration of CD8+ T cell and squamous metaplasia were found to have a positive correlation.
CONCLUSION: Inflammation potentially has important roles in ACP. ACP may differ in its pathogenesis from classic bilateral nasal polyps
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