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A vascular leiomyoma of the ethmoid. Report of case

Volume: 27 - Issue: 2

Firstpage: 129 - Lastpage: 135

T.D. Zijlker - R. Visser

Leiomyomas of the sinonasal tract are rare neoplasms. Only occasional reports
have appeared in the medical literature since they were first described. (Maesaka
et al., 1966). They may occur wherever smooth muscle is present.
The most common localisation is in the uterus, alimentary tract, skin and subcutaneous
tissue (Stout and Lattes, 1967). Localisation in the upper respiratory
and alimentary tract are extremely rare e.i., nasal cavity (McGaffrey et al., 1978;
Lyovetzky et al., 1985); tonsils (Greenberg et al., 1987); larynx (Karma et al.,
1978); trachea (Paludetti et al., 1984).
We present the first case of an ethmoidal vascular leiomyoma with secundary
severe pansinusitis. Radiographic and pathologic findings will be presented.

T.D. Zijlker - R. Visser - A vascular leiomyoma of the ethmoid. Report of case
Rhinology 27-2: 129-135, 1989